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Short stocks to have a good attitude warehouse full of pleasure

Short stocks to have a good attitude warehouse full of pleasure

yesterday, the new Wuhan Grand counselor Liu Li presided over the newspaper "investor hotline" said: the market is still long on enthusiasm but today empty main will be more cautious, tumbling jump is unrealistic, so regardless of ownership, short positions or half a warehouse can be safe for the holidays. γ€€γ€€

Liu Li said, stocks should have a good attitude, if they have a potential and good quality stock, warehouse full of it anyway; if you can't pick the good ones at the moment, after perhaps the emergence of a new hot spot, short positions after the talk now is an option; if both Miss if I stuck half a bin for the holiday was also very practical.

Liu Li believes that the current, resulting in decreases in market there are two main reasons, one investor concerns about macro, especially property stocks leading plate under the influence of bad news in the early declines, dragged down the index. γ€€γ€€In addition, funds sell funds to meet the CAP back, strained markets.

but in his view, the market average for low volume this week, showing markets not panic, just wait-and-see atmosphere is thick, the market surged or collapsed space is limited in the short term. Market of the future will remain sideways. As the bull market pattern has not changed, "11," post-holiday will start, so investors are safe for the holidays.



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