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2011 money spent: less deposit loan liabilities to maximize

2011 money spent: less deposit loan liabilities to maximize

the Chinese new year, there are now a number of routines, such as travel abroad or at home for a week.  But there is a movement, during the set, that is a lot of money. We have to admit that the action, sometimes as a last resort, is follow the vanity ... ...  But only the large pieces of meat, drinking bowl, and spend lots of money this year to have a texture, taste, strong said.

hard year, we want to be good to yourself, wear big clothes, drinking expensive wine; for parents, relatives and friends to be more generous, red envelope, money, gifts, to draw your hand.  This year, we may love and close enough to them, spend money, can show our sincerity, can also reduce our guilt.  

spend lots of money, like Fireworks, reunion, CCTV, is the most important part of the of the year, if one day, Chinese people all expect to eat and drink, counting the fingers to spend this year, will lose much style?

survey shows that high price indices to the public at the time of the year to make "rational" choice. 52.1% per cent of respondents intend to save money for the Spring Festival. Chinese new year family budgets at 1000 to 3000 Yuan of respondents most accounted 33.9%, 3000 to 5000 Yuan second, is 25.6%.  56.2% of respondents do not plan to eat dinner at a restaurant.

stocked with new year, transportation, your parents likely cost of 10 categories, such as Chinese new year, respondents voted "2010 new year three consumer spending" and "buy new year" votes in the Supreme, 70.3%, "honor your father and mother" and secondly, vote 58.7%; "relatives" was third, vote 34.7%.  "Red hair" and "friends" with 28.3% and 26.3% votes respectively ranked fourth, v.

However, that want to save money and not really saved.  According to the Commerce Department monitored after lunar new year day on new year's Eve arrest, national retail stores and restaurants reported sales of 404.5 billion yuan, an increase of 19%.

around the new year sales, consumer grade significantly upgraded, meat safety, ecological features eggs, cereal, boxed fresh-cut vegetables and other branded food consumption and choice of gift, gold and silver jewelry products sell well. According to statistics, Beijing caishikou department store jewelry sale exceeded 300 million, an increase of 95.6%, MA Shopping Plaza, new gold jewelry 138.1%, Nanjing Mall in gold jewellery sales grew by more than 1 time, Guangzhou friendship store gold bullion, gold jewellery sales grew by more than 45%.  Meanwhile, surge in high-end home appliances, digital products, LCD HD TV, energy saving consumer electronics and home appliances such as a refrigerator sales.

in addition to the traditional Spring Festival activities such as shopping, eating, the pursuit of quality of life and spirit to enjoy reading, Park, farm music Spring Festival, spas and other leisure activities and more hot, walked out of the door with a new year becoming cities people new way for Chinese new year. It is understood that the Chengdu daily readers in the library up to about 3000 people, Beijing taoranting, yuyuantan, Beihai and Zhongshan Park visitors doubled from last year.  Especially popular in recent years, "ski tour", "hot springs tour" more holiday favorite.

according to the Commerce Department monitoring, adequate supply of major daily necessities during the Spring Festival, prices remained stable. Grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other primary necessities supplied, compared with the previous week, average wholesale prices of 18 kinds of vegetables in 36 cities 4.41 Yuan/kg, than a week before the Festival 4.5%, meat prices rise and fall, packaged food, bottled cooking oil prices rose modestly.



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