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Friends for the new year period-year-end double pay a total of more than 30,000 total spent

Friends for the new year period-year-end double pay a total of more than 30,000 total spent

netizens exclaimed: Chinese new year became a "period"

holidays just ended, many people spontaneously Sun Festival bills: your money to our elders, to the younger generation's money, for their lunar new year gift, relatives of the yinglaisongwang ... ...  Reporters found that this year's "Spring Festival bills" at least hundreds of Yuan, much as wanerbaqian; "to work as soon as possible, come on make money" became the netizens would like number.

"year-end Awards, two incomes were spent, there are more than 30,000! "Friends" rabbit he "mentioned spending the Spring Festival is full of tears," many are unplanned expenditures, impossible. " He gave reporters an account: returning home for Spring Festival ticket round trip is 2600 Yuan, your family's total spending for the elderly 15000, junior "red envelopes" 3000 Yuan.  Seven-day Spring Festival holiday and student friends go out to karaoke, eating spent 4000 Yuan, and bought firecrackers, purchases expenses, he becomes a standard "Spring Festival period".

"spending the Spring Festival, my bonus is left, more than 10,000. "Friends" gather the eye "that a person working in Beijing, easy holiday back home, your parents must be. But she also felt "next year costing more and more expensive" supermarket flowers on 3,500 is normal, even dried fruits roasted seeds and nuts are all expensive. "Fake out, collect win their hearts and hard to make money now!  "

Sina weibo" Chinese new year print Bill "event, a kind of online holiday spending is called" cups ": money, gift to send, but not for themselves and their families.

"customer, bought 90 boxes of eggs alone is more than more than 4,500 Yuan; wine gift box spent 20,000 yuan. "As a manager of a company, Spring Festival is biggest expense is care of customers and partners. He said, the company is own, human nature also have to pay from their own pockets; "holiday pay is normal, but the ' Cup ' for others to spend money. "

" now ritual exchanges of doping more utilitarian, has deviated from the traditions changed human consumption it is best to cool down.  "Mr Tsang said in his micro-blog, this is a" vicious circle ".

"a few years ago was my lucky money, soon began to give. Now money can be much more expensive than when I was a kid! "Miss white, 28, told reporters that red flower child friends and relatives just to 2400 Yuan, quickly caught up with half of his monthly salary. However, "anticipation" there are ingenious method of sending.  Pool of primary school teachers said she sent children to relatives and friends of "anticipation" is a book store gift card, hope the children money to buy knowledge.

"almost all our students to the age of the child, if you are sending money to no end to it. "Mr Fang said he agreed with University classmates for the holiday party with no children," lucky money "are free, eat sing expenses AA System. "Everybody's career is just beginning, there's no need for some human scenes go. "



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