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Beware of investment scams in four daily finance scam tricks to see

Beware of investment scams in four daily finance scam tricks to see

investment banking has become an important part of people's daily life, but in daily life there are investment scams, not well known to the public.  

Bank of China branch in jianghan financial planner, u Thant said, counter at the Bank are often few financial business investment fall for members of the public, members of the public is mainly pay attention to the following several kinds of bogus ways.  Is not to engage in some personal commitment of high rate of storage activity.

debt is dealt with in the second deposit to verify authenticity.  Some people borrow cash from others, sometimes to write with her name and no deposit is due for a transfer to the uninformed investor to repay their debts, if some people deposit loss after taking deposits to the Bank, investors will have to bear the loss.

third, don't take to counterfeit money scam.  Some scammers using counterfeit currency in low light the darkness, while others use the greed of people like cheap, used a few in our country cannot be exchanged, the actual value of a small amount of Peru posing as currency and other foreign currencies dollar, pound fraud.

four are worn coin Exchange. Banks has certain requirements for residual currency, partly worn coin Exchange in full. Some people use a small number of people do not understand this type of rule, for lack of surface, such as a small amount of damage worn coin of one half or reduced by Exchange, to get money.



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