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Abroad to save money through tuition may open into the Bill carry abroad

Abroad to save money through tuition may open into the Bill carry abroad

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the peak period of June-August every year is to study abroad semester, many start pushy parents give their children study abroad preparing.  If you plan ahead, have some tips to save money, which can effectively reduce the cost of studying abroad.

a friend's son raised this year, the third year of College, has won Australia notice of acceptance from a school. Friends were busy preparing for her son, make a long list, as far as possible for children have been careful and thoughtful points. Finally, went to the Bank to Exchange. For insurance side, friends specifically to Advisory has financial Division small King, small King understand has study costs composition Hou, to out has recommends:

due to study half of costs are is tuition, so swap timing to consider tuition paid of time, given currently exchange rate fluctuations larger, swap Qian best can concern Yuan exchange rate of recently trends, master short-term exchange rate trend, in exchange rate more right of timing appropriate batch buy. If you intend to change foreign currency appreciation, advance exchange more appropriately, such as devaluation expectations should change some less. In addition, different banks at the same time different from the exchange rate, swap through different channels are also different, such as self-service banking foreign exchange conversion fees lower than the counter.  Some banks also launched conversion offers, so you can "shop around", select the most favorable currency exchange.

tuition may open into the Bill, carried to foreign countries, lost phone loss, fees are also relatively cheap. Living expenses payable by credit card or traveler's checks. Meanwhile, she also reminded not to carry too much cash, usually with cash in foreign currency number for tuition and living expenses in the sum of about 10%. In addition, to the destination opening a bank account is very important, as into a new environment, strangers, parents can help children do before departure offshore bank accounts, you can wire transfer directly to the children send money.  Remittances also has many money-saving tips, banks often have foreign exchange remittances promotions, such as halving telegram offers, purchase up to buy traveler's checks to implement fees after a certain amount of avoid, reduce, preferences, so you can enjoy the purchase of foreign exchange remittances and bring double benefits and facilities meeting.

domestic foreign currency credit card in US dollars, if the parents give the children apply for dual currency credit card supplementary card, in order to save money-transfer fees, you should select the destination matches the currency circulation of the dual-currency cards or single currency foreign currency cards, such as the United Kingdom can choose Sterling card and go to other parts of Europe can choose euro card. To develop children in overseas card spending, you can set the appropriate credit line, and opened after consumption of SMS alerts in a timely manner.  Many banks has also launched a study in special projects including international credit card to enjoy travel concessions, excess luggage, luggage Express offers delivery, so keep an eye on related offers.

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